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Delivering positive changes to the world through innovative collaboration




At Focus, we not just manufacturer. We specialized in producing multi-faceted and sustainable products with consideration of social responsibility from production to end-of-life of the product. Our R&D team continously looking for breakthrough solutions and we We adopted the latest nanotechnology / Electrospinning technology equipment and developed MultiH®, a quality functional nanofibre textiles. It can be applied to the air filtration system, water filter system or even wearable textiles. MultiH® is easily incorporated into manufacturing steps. Supplied as rolled goods that are easy to handle and which can be produced at varying roll widths and lengths to suit your needs.

All our products are designed and manufactured to be durable for easy shipping, meaning no matter where you are in the world, there are no hurdles to a MultiH® product becoming part of your current product lines.


So let’s get in touch and work together to deliver positive changes to the world!


We are inviting regional representatives, agents, and distributors who share the same ambition as Focus to bring green, eco-friendly products to customers worldwide.

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