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永久性過濾器 Pernament filters - 2.jpg

Liquid Filter

  • Suitable for liquid filtration accessories used in different types of electrical appliances, such as coffee machines, juicers, electric kettles, etc

  • FDA approved materials

濃縮咖啡機過濾網 Espresso filter - 1 .webp

Espresso Machine Filter

  • Suitable for espresso, capsule coffee machines

  • Single/double-cup permanent filters with holes diameter as fine as Æ0.15mm 

  • Material: SUS 304 or SUS 430

  • Custom welcome

Coffee Filter.webp

Coffee Machine Filter

  • Cone or basket type, 2 or 4 cups

  • Made of FDA compliant filter mesh. 

  • Meshes can be stainless steel, goldtone plated, polyester.

  • Custom welcome

kettle filter.webp

Kettle Filter

  • A variety of polyester mesh and stainless steel mesh are available, All our filters meet FDA certification.

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