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MultiH® Air Filter

MultiH®, a multifunctional nanofiber filter material, that developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government funded research centre, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (“ NAMI”).


  • 1/20 fiber diameter than Microfiber

  • High air permeability, pressure drop equivalent to MERV-13

  • 6x faster air exchange

  • Every strand of nanofiber kills bacteria/viruses at >99%

  • Consistent performance in spite of long exposure, IPA discharging test


Air Conditioning System F-Series

  • Air return grilles, diffusers

  • Café, Restaurants & Hotels

  • Public/ticketing areas, clinics

  • Pre-filters to HEPA of HVAC system

  • Fan coil units, split/window air conditioners

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Home Series

  • Home split / window air conditioners

  • Air Purifiers

All Filters HEPA - photos-SQUARE.webp

Hepa High-Efficiency Filter Series

  • Commercial buildings

  • Medical centers

  • Hotels

  • Elderly Centres, Kindergartens, Schools

  • HVAC system Domestic/commercial use air purifiers

Thanks to the superb porosity, the power consumption of a HEPA H13 filter has no difference to any MERV-13.  

Easily upgrade any air conditioning mechanical systems (ACMV), and many other applications.


MultiH® Air Filter

MultiH ® multifunctional nanofiber materials provide customers with all-round protection, effectively capturing and killing viruses, bacteria, and airborne allergens. According to different needs of the customers, we offer the filter materials in a range of the most suitable filter levels, standard or customized sizes.


The air resistance of MultiH ® nanofiber materials is at least 35% lower than that of traditional glass fiber filters, hence greatly reduces energy consumption.


MultiH ® multifunctional nanofiber materials are extraordinarily capable to team with air conditioning mechanical systems (ACMV) because of its ultra-low pressure drop. It provides indoor occupants viruses, germ free air quality. Without any modification to current configuration, easy installation. Filtration efficiency is instantly improved from low to medium or even high efficiency.​

Advantages and characteristics:

  • Traps and kills bacteria, viruses and airborne allergens

  • Air resistance is at least 35%

  • lower when compared with the same type of products

  • Highly effective dust removal

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Easy to install

Product application:

  • Commercial buildings

  • Medical centers

  • Air conditioning system

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