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Our pledge is to provide the best quality, most fully featured products and services at reasonable prices.


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A reusable type of filtration module suitable for use in ventilation systems which are found in all types of indoor infrastructure; for instance, FCU’s and AHU’s. In conjunction with MultiH® ’s unified nano-filtration technology, up to 99% of bacteria/viruses can be captured and killed; granting peak levels of indoor air quality.

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MultiH® Air Filter

A multifunctional nanofibrous membrane that developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government funded research centre, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (“ NAMI”). Every strand of nanofiber kills arrested >99% viruses / bacteria.  Thanks to the superb porosity, the power consumption of a HEPA H13 filter has no difference to any MERV-13.   Easily upgrade any air conditioning mechanical systems (ACMV), and many other applications.

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Air Filter

  • Suitable for applications that require contamination control, such as the manufacturing of high precision products, food products as well as in hospitals, elderly centres and EV vehicles

  • Coupling with MultiH® filter media for added value and optimized result

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Liquid Filter

  • Suitable for liquid filtration accessories used in different types of electrical appliances, such as coffee machines, juicers, electric kettles, etc

  • FDA approved materials

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UL Approved Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving

  • Made of tightly braided fiberglass with silicone resin coating inside or outside the sleeve. Provide superior electrical and thermal protection to high-voltage electrical appliances and electronic instruments. 

  • Dielectric Grade A 7000V

  • Fully conformed to UL, RoHS / REACH requirements 

  • Sizes available: diameter from 1 to 12mm




Made in Hong Kong. Specialized in the production of nanofiber materials. From sample trial to mass production

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We have in house product designer and technician to assist our client to  develop an unique air filtration products.

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Our factories equipped with advance testing equipments and our experience technicians can conduct various air filtration and Nanofaber materials related testing in and off site.  ​

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