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Corona virus has revealed the importance of indoor air management, and the impacts of air particulates to our health. Regulatory standard ventilation systems are often single-purpose and do not offer any measures against virus accumulation on filter surfaces. Routine replacement of filters also requires costly and time-consuming deliveries of bulky filters, all whilst adding large amounts of landfill waste. Based in Hong Kong, Aircology is introducing a new standard of air ventilation and quality management using advanced nanofiber-electrospinning technology.

With more than 30 years manufacturing filter experiences, Focus adopted nanotechnology to develop cost-effective and sustainable clean air solutions.

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effectively supplying clean air whilst being environmentally responsible.


We Developed

Adopted nanotechnology to develop cost-effective and sustainable clean air solutions, to address major pressing concerns in the environment over pollution, bacteria and virus, as well as the emerging needs of ESG. 

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one of the world’s most advanced and
experienced filtration solutions providers

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