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Introduction of MultiH® Energy Efficient, 2-in-1 Air Filters

Cut energy / labour costs, reduce waste

MultiH®’s filters use nanotechnology to create filter media with nanofibers 10x and 1000x thinner than traditional microfiber filters and human hair respectively. 

MultiH®’s energy efficient, 2-in-1 Air filter (MERV-14) outperforms other lower efficiency (MERV-13) filtration systems in pressure drop, dust holding capacity, filter life, and energy savings, all whilst staying competitive in price. MultiH®’s filters can be used 2-4X longer, saving on maintenance, replacement, and labour costs, all while saving up to 50% in energy costs. Additionally, MultiH® nanofibers are inherently anti-microbial, capable of killing 99.99% of SARS-CoV-19, granting safer air to breathe for everyone indoors. Together with multi-layer filtration technology, MultiH® filters replace both traditional pre-filters and main filters all together.


According to 2021 statistic, total energy consumption on HVAC system in Hong Kong was not less than 50%. Of that, HVAC air filters installed in your air handling unit are responsible for around 30%.  Presuming a modest energy saving at 20% that related to air filter, the overall energy saving is 3% which can save 83,712,707 kWh. In terms of average monthly power consumption for a typical three-member household, it can support more than 700,000 families for one year!

1.  Energy savings dependent on factors such as usage load, air quality, and other factors.
2. Tested by third party laboratory under ISO18184:2019 standard.

Introduction to Aircology Reusable Filter Frame, Changeable Filter Element
Size, storage, waste reduction
Aircology, a series of air filters with reusable-frames, replaceable-pleated-filter element for HVAC systems such as FCU, AHU, PAU.  It improves IAQ without escalating waste disposal and cost of ownership. The changeable filter element is about 1/6 the size of bag filters, therefore reduce 85% filter and packaging wastes. The patented design allows ‘easy n quick’ replacement.  Other than improving occupant health, it effectively prevents clogging coils and other components, benefits the overall sustainability and saving downtime.

User-friendly filter replacement
Aircology - change of filter element can be conducted ON SITE under 1 minute. Dust and germs are self-contained within the pleated filter element and then bagged by any size of government designated garbage bags straight away.  Hence, it eliminates contamination along the way to the waste collection area.
Aircology coupling with MultiH® make clean air easily accessible whilst being environmentally responsible, satisfying SDG and ESG goals.
Here is a new video showcasing features and user-friendliness of AIRCOLOGY sustainable HVAC filters 廣東話版, 普通話版, English version.



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Reusable Panel Filter

Estimated WASTE reduction:
85% less
592 x 592 x 83.5mm | 3.5 kgs

Reusable filter frame with changeable, collapsible filter element

Initial / terminal pressure drop

90 / 350 Pa


Filter lifespan 3 months


"Probably the 1st air filter with changeable, collapsible filter element in the world"



Energy Efficient, 2-in-1 Air Filter

Estimated ENERGY reduction:
20% less
592 x 594 x 292mm | 6 kgs

2-in-1, prefilter not required

Plastic filter frame, weighs approx.

1/3 of ordinary filter made of GI

Initial / terminal pressure drop

52 / 300 Pa

Filter lifespan 12 months


"Probably the 1st cross-functional MERV 14 air filter in the world"

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