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Power Tool Filters

  • Being OEM for well-known power tool makers

  • In-house plastic injection machines, laser cutters and automatic packaging lines

  • Stringent quality control by a team over 25 years working experience.

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​Air Filters

  • Specialized in converting high efficiency filter media into panel or cylindrical high efficiency filters for vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, EV vehicles

  • Filtration efficiency ranges from HEPA E10 up to H14

  • In-house plastic injection machines, high precision pleating lines and foam-in-place sealing gasket dispensing systems

  • Guaranteed quality control by a series of world class testing equipment

  • Alongside with cost-effective solutions

  • Performances cam be maximized in use with MultiH® multifunctional nanofiber materials


​Aircology Air Filters

  • Reusable filter frame with changeable, collapsible filter element

  • Filter element is about 1/6 of an ordinary filter

  • Reduce 85% waste disposal

Attached filter product specification when click in:

  1. Aircology ST510 83.5mm

  2. Aircology FC510 25mm

  3. Aircology FC510 20mm

  4. Aircology FC510 8mm

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MultiH® Air Filters

  • Pressure drop is 35% lower

  • Energy consumption associated with air filters can be reduced by more or less the same percentage of the decrease of the pressure drop

  • 2 – 4 x longer filter life

  • Reduce 50 – 75% waste disposal

  • 2-in-1, single stage requires no prefilter

Attached filter product specification when click in:

  1. MultiH® ST350 Energy Efficient 2-in-1 MERV 14

  2. MultiH® ST510 HEPA Filter 1170x570x69mm

  3. MultiH® ST350 HEPA H13 filter


Nanofiber Materials

  • MultiH® HEPA H13, Anti-COVID-19, Antimicrobial Material

  • MultiH® MERV 13 Anti-COVID-19, Antimicrobial Material

  • N-Breeze® N95 Anti-Tuberculosis, Antimicrobial Surgical Mask Material


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